Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekly Workouts For March 23-29

My normal routine is Sunday rest, Monday treadmill, Tuesday cross train, Wednesday treadmill, Thursday morning treadmill, Thursday evening group run, Friday rest and Saturday long group run.

Here is my weekly treadmill routine and what I did each day:
As you can see I shorted my miles on Thursday, but I knew I was running that night. 

Here is what my running buddy and I did on the Thursday evening group run:
We usually aren't that "slow" but we started another workout routine that we were pretty sore from, so we slowed down a lot for us!

Here is our Saturday morning long run:
This was a pretty good pace for us! We were dealing with being out late the night before- MRTT Bunco night!! And we also had some fog and drizzle, but it was a good run!

Here is the new workout routine we started this week in preparation for the Marine Corps Historic Half:

It's a pretty intense routine. As you can see, we do something every day. I'm not as sore now, as I was at the beginning of the!

I did attempt my cross training day on Tuesday. We have Amazon Prime, so we can try videos out as part of our membership. I decided to try (for my first time EVER) a yoga video. I made the mistake of trying the Jillian Michaels yoga video. I made it about halfway through before I realized this is not what I needed. She's tough, and gets results, but I wanted something a little more gentle to stretch me out not make me more sore! I will try another yoga video this week- any suggestions?