Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend fun!

My rest day Friday was great! I did absolutely nothing, which is unusual for me. I usually end up running errands or getting some stuff done.

I did go out with my MRTT moms and we played Bunco! It was a fun night hanging out with some of the moms I run with, but not actually run. We got to see each other in non running clothes!

Saturday morning was my last long run before my half next weekend. We ran 6 miles and each mile we ran just a bit quicker. I enjoy long runs with a friend, we get to chat and the miles just go by!

Saturday was a busy day after that. We've been remodeling a bathroom in our house, so we were busy doing that. My younger daughter got invited to two birthday parties. She and I were out for just over 3 hours at the parties. The first one was a cake decorating party, and the second was an art party. Both were really fun!

My older daughter had a friend spend the night. That was fun, they girls were well behaved and had a good time. I think they stayed up until at least midnight. We had the daylight savings time change. That made for an interesting morning! We thought our clock would change itself, but it didn't! We thought we were getting up at 7 to get breakfast on the table at 8, so we could be out the door by 9:20 to drop her friend off and head to church. Instead we got up at 8, and were fed and out the door by 9:20.

Sunday, my older daughter and I ran 2 miles. She wanted to go for 4, but the wind and lack of sleep got the best of her. She was pretty discouraged about not going the whole distance. On our way back we ran into an MRTT friend. She cheered Emily on and told how great she was doing and how proud everyone was of her for training for her first 5K. That seemed to help her mood and got her moving again! I'm hoping she and I can get out for at least one short run this week.

Training this week is 4 miles today and ab work. Tuesday is 4 miles and ab work. Wednesday is usually just a quick 1 to 2 miles and then strength training, but I'm going to have to do 3 miles and then the strength training. Thursday is usually my last day for running and ab work at the gym but my younger daughter doesn't have preschool, and I don't want to pay for the daycare at the gym for one day. Thursday is also the expo for the Rock N Roll half, so I'll be going up there with a friend and our younger kids. I'll get lots of walking around that day! I'll probably do something else for a quick workout, but not sure what yet! Friday will be rest day. Saturday is race day!!!