Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekly Workouts for April 6th- 12th

April 6th was the Cherry Blossom race (see race recap). My schedule for the week after that was: Monday rest/recovery, Tuesday 5K pace intervals on the treadmill, Wednesday was easy miles on the treadmill, Thursday was goal pace on the treadmill, Friday was cross training, Saturday was my long group run.

Here's how I did:
Notice Wednesday my split, I realized at mile 1.25 that I had to go potty! So I went and came back and finished it out. Thursday was supposed to be 6 miles, but I was pretty done by mile 5 so I had to stop at 5.5.

The lady I ran with only needed 5 miles, so I got there early and did 2 on my own, met with her and ran the 5 and then finished out with 2 more on my own.

The rest of that day was spent watching my husband play softball with our church team.