Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekly Workouts For March 23-29

My normal routine is Sunday rest, Monday treadmill, Tuesday cross train, Wednesday treadmill, Thursday morning treadmill, Thursday evening group run, Friday rest and Saturday long group run.

Here is my weekly treadmill routine and what I did each day:
As you can see I shorted my miles on Thursday, but I knew I was running that night. 

Here is what my running buddy and I did on the Thursday evening group run:
We usually aren't that "slow" but we started another workout routine that we were pretty sore from, so we slowed down a lot for us!

Here is our Saturday morning long run:
This was a pretty good pace for us! We were dealing with being out late the night before- MRTT Bunco night!! And we also had some fog and drizzle, but it was a good run!

Here is the new workout routine we started this week in preparation for the Marine Corps Historic Half:

It's a pretty intense routine. As you can see, we do something every day. I'm not as sore now, as I was at the beginning of the!

I did attempt my cross training day on Tuesday. We have Amazon Prime, so we can try videos out as part of our membership. I decided to try (for my first time EVER) a yoga video. I made the mistake of trying the Jillian Michaels yoga video. I made it about halfway through before I realized this is not what I needed. She's tough, and gets results, but I wanted something a little more gentle to stretch me out not make me more sore! I will try another yoga video this week- any suggestions?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Realizing Some Things

Since I've been running, I've always chased a PR in all my races. I've come to realize, after that rough Rock N Roll race, that it's not fun to do that anymore!

I ran/walked the last part of the race in pure agony and questioned myself every step of the way, why I was even doing this. I think in that moment I realized that I wanted to enjoy running, not always run for  a PR.

I will still set myself some time goals on my races. But I won't always run to get my best time ever! I want to run because it's fun!

My next race is The Cherry Blossom 10 miler here in DC. My goal time will be between an hour and twenty minutes to an hour and thirty minutes. My PR for a 10 mile race is 1:19:05, so I think my goal is doable!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekly Workouts March 17-22

March 17th was another snow day here in the DC area. Hubby dropped me off at the gym. I set the treadmill to 30 minutes and just started running to loosen up. My results:

My plan for the 18th:

My results:

My plan for March 20th:

My results:

Saturday was my long, group run. My MRTT group met at 7 am for the run. My running buddy and I did 8.02 miles in 1:06:40.
Since my calves were hurting last week, I ended up getting a pair of calf sleeves. I tested them out on this run- and they worked wonders! I think I'll be using them for long runs all the time!


The two beautiful ladies I run with and carpooled with to the race:

Our Northern Virginia Moms Run This Town group photo:

Our Woodbridge/Manassas MRTT group photo:

A friend of mine from California that came out to run! The people taking pictures kept catching me with my eyes closed :( 

Ready to start the Race!

Finishing the race (and spotting my family!)
My results. I'm not thrilled with my time, but I did finish and finished in a good time. I started getting HORRIBLE calf cramps starting around mile 8 and totally lost my pace at the point.

Overall a great race experience and great race. There was a massive hill around mile 6 and I think that threw me off.

Proud of Emily- she finished her 5K in under 45 minutes. It was cold that day, she ran all of the first mile and then started having trouble breathing. A couple of ladies behind her caught up to her and asked if she was ok. They ended up calling my husband and told him what was going on. She decided she wanted to finish the race, so these two wonderful women walk/ran the rest of the race with her and helped her get back to my husband. I didn't get to meet them, but will be forever grateful for them and showing Emily what a good bunch of people runners are!
Emily and her Guardian Angels!

RNR expo

I went to the Rock N Roll DC expo on Thursday March 13th. I ended up taking my youngest daughter (she didn't have school that day) and my oldest daughter since she had been ill the night before and couldn't go to school. So I didn't get any pictures!

Since Emily (my oldest) was running the 5K she got to pick up her own packet for the race that day!

We got to the expo, waited in the security line in the cold and wind. Got in, went down to get our numbers. Got our t-shirts and wandered around for a bit. Picked up a few samples of EVERYTHING! I bought myself a Flipbelt. Then we headed home. Nothing too exciting.

This has nothing to do with the expo, just something I love!

Gym funny and a brag

Sorry it's taken me so long to write lately. Busy mom and busy kids!

So here's what I wrote on Facebook about a funny moment at the gym:

To the creepy guy at the gym this morning:
Yes, I laughed at you- you deserved it. When I am on the treadmill, I'm in a zone. First, don't hop on to the one right next time when there are 10 in my row that are empty. Second, don't assume that because I'm a woman that I run slow. Third, don't try to match my speed and then almost fall of the treadmill after only a quarter of a mile. Yes, I will (and I did) laugh at you, it's your own fault. And after you did the walk of shame leaving the gym, I did chuckle again at your expense.

And my brag!!

Run out and buy the April 2014 edition of Health Magazine and turn to page 46- THAT'S ME!!!! Here is a brief write up on the article:,,20794239_2,00.html

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weekly workouts

I had planned 4 miles and abs on Monday, but monthly cramps hindered that some. I didn't do abs but did manage this on the treadmill:

Tuesday called for the same as Monday. Cramping was better, but still hurt pretty bad. No ab work but got this on the treadmill: 

Today was much better, got my full 3 miles and my arms, legs and ab work in! 

Rock N Roll expo is tomorrow!

Later this week I'll post about that, a gym funny and something exciting I want to share!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend fun!

My rest day Friday was great! I did absolutely nothing, which is unusual for me. I usually end up running errands or getting some stuff done.

I did go out with my MRTT moms and we played Bunco! It was a fun night hanging out with some of the moms I run with, but not actually run. We got to see each other in non running clothes!

Saturday morning was my last long run before my half next weekend. We ran 6 miles and each mile we ran just a bit quicker. I enjoy long runs with a friend, we get to chat and the miles just go by!

Saturday was a busy day after that. We've been remodeling a bathroom in our house, so we were busy doing that. My younger daughter got invited to two birthday parties. She and I were out for just over 3 hours at the parties. The first one was a cake decorating party, and the second was an art party. Both were really fun!

My older daughter had a friend spend the night. That was fun, they girls were well behaved and had a good time. I think they stayed up until at least midnight. We had the daylight savings time change. That made for an interesting morning! We thought our clock would change itself, but it didn't! We thought we were getting up at 7 to get breakfast on the table at 8, so we could be out the door by 9:20 to drop her friend off and head to church. Instead we got up at 8, and were fed and out the door by 9:20.

Sunday, my older daughter and I ran 2 miles. She wanted to go for 4, but the wind and lack of sleep got the best of her. She was pretty discouraged about not going the whole distance. On our way back we ran into an MRTT friend. She cheered Emily on and told how great she was doing and how proud everyone was of her for training for her first 5K. That seemed to help her mood and got her moving again! I'm hoping she and I can get out for at least one short run this week.

Training this week is 4 miles today and ab work. Tuesday is 4 miles and ab work. Wednesday is usually just a quick 1 to 2 miles and then strength training, but I'm going to have to do 3 miles and then the strength training. Thursday is usually my last day for running and ab work at the gym but my younger daughter doesn't have preschool, and I don't want to pay for the daycare at the gym for one day. Thursday is also the expo for the Rock N Roll half, so I'll be going up there with a friend and our younger kids. I'll get lots of walking around that day! I'll probably do something else for a quick workout, but not sure what yet! Friday will be rest day. Saturday is race day!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weekly workouts

Since Monday I was snowed in, I shoveled that for a workout!!

Tuesday I got in some hill and speed work on the treadmill for 4 miles and about 1/2 of my arms routine. I also did some an work

Wednesday I did this:

And the last of my arms routine and more ab work.

Today I did this:

And did my leg routine and 1/2 of my abs routine. Tomorrow is a well earned rest day!

What does your weekly workout routine look like?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Another snowy day

This is my current view if the world.

My gym announced they are closing at noon, pretty sure I won't get there in time to do my mileage and upper body workout. I will get out and shovel, so that will be my workout today.

How do you get workouts done in bad weather?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Race Calendar and goals for 2014

Before I get to my race calendar, let's talk training and goals.

Before this winter, I did all of my training outdoors. We had a very mild winter in 2013, so I was able to run outside. But with doing longer runs and earlier running, the temps this year have been rough. I had to run for the first time on a treadmill. I hated that first run! But as it got colder, I got used to it and even tried different paces and inclines. It's still not my favorite, but I don't hate it anymore.

A couple of weeks ago, I joined a local gym. My husband and I talked about it, and he was getting very nervous about me running alone at 5am 3-4 days a week. So we compromised and let me join the gym for the weekday runs and weight training, as long as my long runs were with friends on Saturday mornings. I go after I drop my youngest off at preschool, and finish up in time to pick her up.

I worked with a trainer and she set me up with a routine to tone my arms and abs, and a few exercises to work my upper legs. I still do the treadmill before I do any weights. I still have to get my miles in for my training!

I've also been able to get in extra miles this month with my 10 yr old daughter. She decided she wanted to run a 5K, so 2 days a week I run 2-3 miles with her and 2 days a week my husband runs 1-2 miles with her. I've so very proud of her for getting out of her comfort zone and going for this!

I did the Moms Run This Town winter virtual in early February, I did the 5K in 25 minutes in the rain, sorry no pictures. This one was on my own!

My 2014 Race Calendar (as it stands today!)

March 15, 2014- Rock N Roll Half Marathon, Washington, DC. This is where Emily is running her 5K!!

April 6, 2014- Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, Washington DC. I did the 5K last year, so excited to do the 10 miler!

April 27, 2014- Manassas Runway 10K, Manassas, VA. This one looks fun, flattest 10K I'll ever run since it's on an airport runway!

May 18, 2014- Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon, Fredricksburg, VA. The first half marathon I did was along some of the same course. I'm determined to not let Hospital Hill get the best of me this time!

July will be another Moms Run This Town (MRTT) virtual race (one each summer and winter). My local MRTT chapter may sign up for Twilight 5K in late July

October 4-5, 2014. Crawling Crab Shell Yeah Challenge, Hampton, VA. Saturday I will run a 5K and Sunday I will run a Half Marathon!

November I hope to do at least one Turkey Trot. December I might try the Blue and Grey Half Marathon again and hopefully do the Ringing in Hope 10K again, but that will depend on a few things we are trying to figure out first. In other words, what days we'll be at Disney World!!

This week my scheduled miles should be 11 miles at the gym during the week, plus I will hopefully get 2-3 miles in with Emily after school one day. We are predicted to have ice and snow starting tonight, so I hope to make it to the gym tomorrow!

2013 Races- Part 3

Races 9-13

September 29, 2013- Perfect 10 Miler, Reston, VA
Time: 1:19:05
7:55 pace
#111 of 520 runners
#37 of 296 women
#6 of 72 women ages 30-34

November 17, 2013- Lake Ridge Turkey Trot 10K, Lake Ridge, VA
Time: 46:59
1st of 24 Women ages 30-39
5th of 68 overall woman
32nd of 136 runners overall

November 28, 2013- Thankgiving 5K Turkey Trot, Centerville, VA
Time: 22:20 (my fastest 5K ever!!)
7:08 pace (with mile 3 at 6:55!!!)
#153 for 3,221 runners
#19 of 1,677 women runners
#9 of 321 women ages 30-39

December 8, 2013- Blue & Grey 1/2 Marathon, Fredricksburg, VA
Time: 1:47:45
#131 of 635 runners
#33 of 312 women
#4 of 49 women ages 35-39 (love my new age group!)

Last Race of 2013, December 31, 2013- Ringing in Hope 10K, Ashburn, VA
46:55 time
#42 overall runners
#11 of women runners
#8 of women 30-39 (if it had been 35-39 I would have been 4th!)

It was a long, hard but good and fun running year! I have big plans for 2014!!!

2013 Races- Part 2

Races 5-9
May 19, 2013 The Color Run, Washington DC. I have to do before and after pictures here!
Finished in 23:31, 7:35 pace (this is an untimed race, I time myself)
I was in the first wave of runners, I finished 4th overall, and the 1st woman!

 Before with my beautiful babies and Runicorn!
 After, covered in all sorts of fun colors!

June 8, 2013- Twilight Festival 4 miler, Ashburn, VA 
#108 of 841 runners
#27 of 474 women
#4 of 84 women ages 30-34.
Official time was 29:40, pace 7:25 per mile (the time in the image was for the 1 mile runners)
June 29, 2013- Run for Independence 8K, Leesburg, VA 
Official time: 37:51, pace 7:30 per mile
#75 of 470 runners
# 19 of 276 women runners
#6 of 48 women ages 30-34
Photo from Potomac River Running Stores, PR Race Series
July 13, 2013- Moms Run This Town Summer Virtual Race: Running Mad 2013 5K, Gainesville, VA
28:49, 9:16 pace (I'm on the right in the pink)

September 4, 2013- Run Like a Diva 5K in DC's Wine Country, Leesburg, VA
1st place Overall Finisher!!! Out of 976 runners.
Time- 23:08
Pace- 7:27
Here is me getting my 1st place finisher award: 

2013 Races- part 1

First 4 races for 2013!

February 10, 2013- Run Your Heart Out 5K, Reston VA.
Time: 24:26
#100 of 741 Overall finisher
#44 of 479 Women finisher
#7 of 95 of Women age 30-34
Pace was 7:46 min per mile

March 23, 2013- Run Rogue 5K, Fairfax Station, VA.
Official time 23:01
#64 of 797
#18 of 482 women runners
#7 of 120 of Women age 30-39
Pace was 7:12 min per mile (this measured longer than 3.14 miles)

April 7, 2103- Cherry Blossom 5K, Washington, DCTimeL 22:43, pace 7:18 per mile
#29 of 2,023 runners
#5 of 1,467 women
# 3 of 528 women's age group 30-39
April 28, 2013- Rock Star 8K, Burke, VA
Time: 37:00 
7:28 pace
#60 of 517 runner
#13 of 298 women
#2 of 53 women ages 30-34

Trying this blog thing!

Quick intro of me, Stephanie!

I am a 35 year old, stay at home mom of 3 beautiful children! In the past 2 years, I decided to lose weight and get in shape. In February 2012, weighed 221 pounds and was not healthy or happy. Here is what I looked like at Christmas 2011.
That week I started walking for an hour a day, just to try to do something about my weight. A few weeks later I started using the elliptical for 4-5 days week for 20-30 minutes at at time. I didn't change my diet during that time, so I really didn't lose much weight. In February I went to the doctor for a minor foot injury and saw my weight on the scale for the first time in a long time. That day I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app to my tablet and started tracking my food. In the first week, without working out since I was injured, I lost 3 pounds. I knew at that point I could do this! 

I continued on the elliptical, slowly increasing my time and was still counting calories. In May 2012 the weather finally warmed up and took to walking outside again. By this time I was down almost 40 pounds!! Here's what I looked like after a 40 pound loss.

A big difference, but I still wasn't done! The next month, my wonderful husband and a couple of friends and I signed up for Mud Factor. An obstacle, mud 5K. I was the most out of shape and nonathletic of the group. I decided that I wanted to run between the obstacles, not just walk. So I looked up the Couch to 5K program and used Runkeeper to track my running. My first mile took me over 15 minutes to complete on June 27, 2012- but I did it! I worked all summer to get ready for the race. I am proud to say, that I ran 95% of the time between the obstacles. I decided that day that I didn't like the obstacles but loved running. So I signed up for a local 5K just to see how I would do.

So, just a few weeks later I was running my first 5K- I finished in 29:50! And I ran 90% of the race. It was hard, but I did it and my family was there cheering me on! By this time I was down over 70 pounds! Here I am just after finishing the race!

 A HUGE difference, but I still wasn't done! I decided that I wanted to do 1 race a month for the rest of that year. I did The Color Run in October with a time of 26:59. I ran a local Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning with a time of 25:10. I finished out the year with Ringing in Hope on New Year's Eve with a time of 24:37! I was feeling great and loving running.

For 2013 I set a goal of running 13 races for the year. My first race was in mid-February and I did that one in 24:26 and my weight was down to just around 120 pounds! I hit my weight loss goal in just a year. Here is me at my goal weight.

What a HUGE difference from where I started! I knew that if I wanted to maintain the weight loss I needed to stay active. I've continued to run and have gotten really great times (that will be in another post!)